The Basics of Rug Cleaning and Maintenance

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There are many companies in New Jersey that offer rug cleaning services. Many homeowners opt to clean their own carpets and rugs, often not realizing that they are ruining valuable property. Some people choose to clean their carpets in order to save money rather than go for professional services, but they use cleaning products that wreak havoc to the carpet fibers. Rug cleaning companies provide professional services that allow the owners to retain the warranty provided by the manufacturers. Improper cleaning usually results in more damage and loss of warranty requirements, which is rather unfortunate, especially for very costly carpets.

Nevertheless, carpet owners who rely on professional cleaners should be aware of the proper way to maintain their carpets such that individual fibers retain their integrity. There are three simple ways to keep every single carpet at home in prime condition. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow:

  • Regular vacuuming and immediate clean-up of spills and dirty spots on carpets and rugs is needed. Certain area rugs require a very specific way of vacuuming, especially those that have fringed edges. Make sure that you start from the center and take care not to get the strands caught inside the machine.
  • Maintain the optimal condition of air filters to decrease the amount of dust that gets to the carpet and rugs. You will need less frequent cleaning if your air-conditioning and heating systems are well-maintained.
  • Prevention of dirt and grime from getting to the carpet itself is done by using mats at entrances that remove particles of dust and dirt. If huge particles of dirt get onto rugs that can be brought outside without much effort, shake and beat the rug before vacuuming it.
  • Use indoor footwear or go barefoot especially in wall-to-wall carpeted areas.
  • Deep cleaning procedures by rug cleaning professionals once every year of once every 18 months.

Rug cleaning professionals are the best people to clean pricey imported carpets. If you have an Oriental or Persian rug that you intend to pass on to your children as a family heirloom, do not even attempt to clean it if you have no idea what to do. There is a reason why these professionals undergo extensive training courses, and that is so that these carpets can be handled with care.

Rug cleaning by Esteves Carpet Cleaning is available to residents and business owners who are keen on letting only capable hands deal with their precious rugs and carpets. If you are looking for the best available, rug cleaning service in New Jersey, particularly in Perth Amboy,Edison and South Plainfield, avail of the offers of this family-run enterprise. Rug cleaning services with affordable rates await you.

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The Basics of Rug Cleaning and Maintenance
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There are many companies in New Jersey that offer rug cleaning services. Many homeowners opt to clea... read more »

Why Cleaning Your Carpet?

  • Mohawk Floors says

    mohawk carpetConsider professional cleaning every 12–18 months, depending on traffic and other use factors, frequency of vacuuming and whether the carpet is a light or dark color.

  • Stainmaster recommends

    stainmaster carpetWe recommend professional carpet cleaning at least every 12 months (lighter shades may require more), even if you clean them yourself in between. Remember, to maintain your warranty, your carpets must be cleaned every 24 months via hot water extraction.