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Pets are really crowding in every house nowadays, and residences in Perth Amboy, Edison, and South Plainfield in New Jersey are no exception. Pets sure are cute and lovable; but at times they leave urine and pet odor in the house that causes utmost discomfort to everyone. When your pet leaves urine on carpets or rugs, odor removal becomes all the more problematic. Urine that has been set down on carpets does not only stay there, but it infiltrates the carpet’s fibers. More so, pet urine infects the very core of the carpet and may even permeate down to the floor. Concurrently, pet odor seeps into every corner of the house — the floor, walls, and doors. And as we all know, pets will almost always constantly urinate on the same spot; thereby leaving the carpet more damaged than ever. As urine dries, the odor becomes even more overpowering as the liquid crystallizes. Add to that the pet’s fur and oil, and the smelly odor intensifies.


Simple washing and cleaning the carpet is not enough for the removal of this pet odor. Professional help is required, and Esteves Carpet Cleaning is the most suitable choice to give solution to your pet odor removal dilemma. We first employ a urine detection scanner to locate urine spots in the carpet and then determine how serious the damage is. For light damage, we use special urine pre-conditioner to dissolve the urine solids in the carpet. Afterwards, our cleaners scrub the affected area with a foaming machine to get rid of the urine, as well as a disinfectant deodorizer to get rid of the smelly odor. For those carpets that incurred moderate to heavy pet odor contamination, Esteves professional cleaners utilize a unique cleaning detergent on the urine spots to liquefy them. A strong deep extraction equipment is then used to remove the urine and cleaning solution deep into the padding and backing of the carpet. We clean and sanitize the rest of the carpet’s surface to ensure that no pet urine lingers on the carpet. To get rid of the pet odor, we replace the contaminated padding, clean and deodorize, and do reinstallation.


Whatever is the severity of the pet odor in your home, Esteves Cleaning Services will help you remove it and restore the fresh and clean smell of your house. We have been in the cleaning business for almost 10 years, so you will be assured that the quality of our services is of high caliber. We have long been trusted cleaning partners of residents in Perth Amboy, Edison, and South Plainfield in New Jersey. Contact us now and you will be assured of high quality services that only Esteves can offer.

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Why Cleaning Your Carpet?

  • Mohawk Floors says

    mohawk carpetConsider professional cleaning every 12–18 months, depending on traffic and other use factors, frequency of vacuuming and whether the carpet is a light or dark color.

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